Olive oil & heart health

Olive oil helps the heart because of the phenoles it contains. A clinical study on olive oil in the United States has shown that the oleocanthal substance and the oleasin, contained in all olive oils, are effective in preventing cardiovascular problems. Olive oil acts as anticoagulant as it has anti-inflammatory properties and inhibits the COX and LOX enzymes that cause the platelet aggregation process and thus inhibits the formation of blood clots in the vessels. The fact that oleocanthal has similar anti-inflammatory activity and profiles with analgesics, such as aspirin, suggests that the consumption of olive oil may reduce the need for the use of common analgesics. In fact, “the higher the quality of extra virgin olive oil, the greater the oil content of the oil, which causes the burning characteristic of the neck”.

Also the monounsaturated fatty acids it contains are among the most beneficial fatty acids. They reduce the risk of heart disease, such as coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction or heart attack, and heart failure.

Whatever the scientific interpretation, and no matter how complex it might sound, the conclusion is that a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil can improve the condition and functionality of the cardiovascular system.

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